Happy Easter! Let the message go out!

Happy Easter!

Let the message go out!

I look that the spread of our Faith in the early years and it boggles my mind!  Happy Easter, it is a miracle that we are here.  At Pentecost the message of Happy Easter! Let the message go out!  was listen to as not other message in history!  Lot at how the message spread in early day of our faith…


It amazes me every time I see it.  Last weekend, Churches across the world were full.  People got up and for the first time in months decided to go celebrate their faith and will the world be different tomorrow?  Will this Easter have the impact of the first Easter?  I am afraid by next weekend, we will worry about fitting in the Divine Sunday extras.  A week later people will say, oh, they are still celebrating Easter.

So why do we bother?  Why do we put all the effort we do into these celebrations?  It is like the story of the boy tossing starfish back into the sea and an older guy comes up and says, Son there are thousands of starfish on this beach, you don’t really think you are going to make a difference are you?  Boy shrugs and tosses another back into sea and says, it made a difference to that one.  Happy Easter to all if it made a difference to that one.

Happy Easter! Let the message go out! Means for me that I have to trust that through what we do God is working.  I asked those at mass last weekend.  What is that stone in your life that needs to be rolled away so that you can truly embrace the risen Lord.   I have also taken that to heart.

What else can we do

I am not content just doing what we are doing.  So at Mass last weekend and now here, I am asking a few questions:

  1.  What do we need to do so that you want to be here every day or at least every week?
  2. What is missing in your life that sucks you into the internet or TV and how can the Church help to fill that void?

I want to hear it ALL!  (that said, I can’t change the past, so lets focus on what we can do from TODAY forward!)

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter! Let the message go out!”

  1. The only thing that comes to mind is that it would be great if there could be dialogue between priest and people, once in awhile. If people were invited to ask questions or make a comment it might happen. Although some priests would not be comfortable with it, as there no way to know what someone might blurt out with.
    Seem to recall a program entitled “Can you stump the priest”
    It might be a good instructional and educational format?

    1. I love it, Stump the Priest… We have a town hall coming up and I think I will add that. I do teaching masses a few times a year, that might be a good closing! THanks!

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