Under Paid, Over Worked and Extremely Happy!

Under Paid, Over Worked and Extremely Happy!

While at a youth event I was talking to two Franciscan Sisters.  We were talking about how dealing with you has changed and how different our world was just in last ten years.  Some how we ended up talking about other things we had done and the circuitous path that each of us had taken to get to where we are.  All of us had other amazing things that we had done, but only doing what we are doing now has really brought us true happiness.

I said it is hard to believe that being under paid and overworked could make us so extremely happy.  They suggested that be the subtitle to my blog, but thought it seems like a complaint if not read properly, but did say I would Blog about it.  They were vocation work at the Dallas Steubenville Event.

I have made in one real estate transaction, more than I make in a year now.  I never had the happiness and true joy as I have now.  Money was never a motivator.  As we talked we realized that for each of us a confirmation that we were doing what we were create for was an amazing sense of happiness and motivation to do what ever we can.  I get up almost every morning before my alarm.  I am excited for what the day brings, sometimes when I get to the office that changes, but not often.

Our question was, how do we convey this to our youth?  The Pope is a poster child for this with his smile and thumbs up.  How do the kids get that.  They see us and at times I think they think I am just crazy.  I’ve started asking our youth to consider a vocation to priesthood and religious life before marriage.  It is easy to fall in love and at that point, a ohter vocations seem very distant.

The question:

I am ending this with a question.  How do we get our kids to honestly look at what God is calling them to.  We are spending the time that we can with the youth.  So, what else can we as a Church do to focus our youth more on what God is calling them to?

Part 2 of the Ireland Pictures. Better Late than Never?

Part 2 of the Ireland Pictures. Better Late than Never?

It took some time to go through all the picture, almost 500 and reduce the ones for here.  I still thing there maybe be a few too many, but here we go anyway.


Just a nice shot of Kilkenny
There will be a ton of Country SIde. This is near Waterford
A working Light House
The Green was amazing
For my Eringrace my niece.
Here to kiss the Stone
Blarney Castle, stone at the top
View from the climb
A little outside meeting area.
Inside…this was two stories
The places you find people
Great if you like confining spaces
Lots of stairs like this
A hallway, not much room anywhere.
Nora trying to also get a picture
Was a bedroom
View from the climb
Notice how thick the walls area
Back at the house!
View of town from Top
Muckross House
Original Transportation
Front of house
This place was HUGE!
Wild life everywhere!
Near Muckross
Great scenery
Torc Waterfall
Worth the walk
Have not seen moss in a long time
These stones have not rolled in a while
Too much water isn’t good even in Ireland
And the coast Highway…
Imagine how cold
The blue water even looked cold
Not sure what we were doing at all
Not sure how it got the name Highway????
Panoramic shot
Seemed a bit big to still be hitting mom up….
Painted to help organize
More of the same
Fitted stone Church
An ADD person didn’t do this…I am 100% sure of that
Before Stained Glass
Grave site
More panoramic views
All the property boundaries…
I cut the top…humm…Galway Cathedral
fairly new
opened in 1962
To look like a Gothic Cathedral of old
I think they did a great job
Would love to have heard pipe organ
Burned out friary near Muckross House
Grounds still kept up
Amazing for its time
A little roof repair is all that is needed.
One of St. Bridget’s Wells!
The Saint herself, well just a statue
Heading to the cliffs of Moore
One of the few beaches near the cliffs
Simply Amazing
The Southern View
And to show how amazing … a guy named O’Brien built a tower. Yes I paid to go up O’Brien’s Tower.
Hill of Tara
Top of hill where we were hoping for Mass, but time didn’t work
Old Old art
Trying to capture it all in one pic…didn’t do justice
Hill of Tara Church
Another cow not sure why we are staring and taking pics
Guess who! At the Hill of Tara even!
Home Again, I still miss the twin towers!


First Post from Ireland

First Post From Ireland

It is hard to believe that we are here.  All are safe and sound and dealing with jet lag in our own ways.  We have a very diverse group and the only two things that bring us all together are either people at parishes that I have served or friends and family of Greg Davis to did all the work to put this together.  It has be an Irish adventure so far.  And I found this on a wall today at St. Mary’s (Catholic, as yesterday learned that St. Pat’s Cathedral in Dublin is Protestant.)

Yesterday’s hotel I think had us all a but wary.  We got there a little early and they just invited us to leave our bags and return at 3pm.  No rooms for elderly, nothing.  We made great use of the time and went to the Jameson Museum on the site of the original distillery.  That was the high point of Dublin.  Yesterday was a Holiday and most poeple we off work and roads closed for various events. Got a great driving tour, but that was our first glimpse into the life and and history of Ireland.

One stop was Trinity College where the book of Kells is kept.  All I can say is wow.  There were not pictures in that room, but what an amazing work that starting in the 6th century.  The work of those monks is simply amazing.  Click on image to left if you want more on this facinating and very old book of the Gospels.


The hotel didn’t cease to disappoint when at 7am when breakfast was scheduled to start, they were already out of Eggs and it was 7:30 before we got through the line.  Food was good, just not worth the wait.  We gathered for mass and we were off to Kilkenny and some amazing scenery.



We were dropped off at the Butler Castle and the group splintered.  My group did the Video for the Castle and headed for the Churches and a walk through the city.  St Mary’s was very pretty in in the midst of raising money for renovation.  They had a unique program going and they were set up for a wedding, but even more poignant was the Dominican Church.

Dominican Black Abbey, names such for all the members they lost to the plague.  There was a heavy feeling there, but the windows and the fact they were having adoration helped.  It was a bit odd when Dominican priest comes out in a stole, stands in behind Altar and I am thinking Benediction, no, he takes luna out, like getting mail from box and picks up monstrance sort of like actors as they walk away with their Oscars.  Hands luna to guy in suit who light the candles for mass and then puts the luna in Tabernacle.  This Church however was one of the few that can say they have had mass regularly for the last 800 years in Ireland.  Founding in 13th Century.

A few centuries later and just up the hill is St. Mary’s Cathedral was built.  An amazing space especially considering time it was build on one of the highest points in Kilkenny.  Built in traditional cruciform style, with amazing art that reminded me of Conception Abby in Mo.






Not sure where we are other than south coast of Ireland in Cork County.  Tomorrow in Blarney Castle and Stone and many other adventures.

And a short side note….they don’t have the FDA there.  There is no cooler on this van, and the meat sure looks good!