Homily that wasn’t given 25th Sunday Ordinary Time A – Pat O’Brien

Homily that wasn’t given 25th Sunday Ordinary Time A –             Pat O’Brien

It was the deacon’s week to preach and I always have something ready just in case.  This has never happened, but one of the deacons started the homily exactly as I would have, but after that, went a little different way.  I liked my homily, so thought I would just share it here and as always it is something that I needed to hear.  So here is what my homily would have been for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time A.

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The Gospel was about the land owner that paid the same amount to those that worked one hour as those that had worked the entire day.  I would have started as Deacon Dan did.  Ranting as a child “It isn’t fair, it just isn’t fair.”  Life just isn’t fair.  The reality is that our faith isn’t about being fair.  All we have to do is look at the crucifix to see a sinless man that died for our salvation.  In whose book is that fair?  Not mine.

Our litigious society is all about what is fair and just.  People wrong us and we want justice.  People take advantage of us and we promise to not let that happen again.  Fairness has become a part of everything we do.

Fairness is subjective

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St. Pius X Parish Festival – Celebrating 60 Years of Service!

St. Pius X Parish Festival – Celebrating 60 Years of Service!


Don’t miss out!  October 8, 2017.  11Am – 6pm.  This will be a great event.  BBQ dinner tickets go on sale this weekend after all the masses.  Only 700 printed and remember last year we sold out!  This is 60 years of service, and the St. Piux X festival gets bigger each year.

Rides for the kids.  Amazing live and silent auction items.  Games that all can enjoy including BINGO!  Sit and enjoy the live music, eat, drink and be merry!

The raffle this year has 10 prizes and is only $5.00.  Look at what you can win.

Join us for a great day and a chance to win thousands of dollars or a Diamond Necklace or 65″ Samsung Smart TV.

Call parish at 210.824.0139 for more info or email me at frpat@stpiusxsa.org

Hope to see you there!

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Homily, and subsequent thoughts…

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Homily, and subsequent thoughts…

It wasn’t until mass today, see video below, that I realized that today was 9/11.  Not only do we have a mysterious God, but a good God.

This weekend I preached on the internal part of the message in the readings.  Click here to read readings.  All of them had an internal element.   Ezekiel reminds us that our faith requires us to take responsibility for our brothers and sisters in faith.  Even correcting those that need correcting.  The second reading and Gospel tell us to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Seems pretty simple.

First, in context, before we can correct or direct our fellow journeyers on this path, we have to make sure we are right with God.   To hit this home more, we have to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Simple, until you realize that you have to love yourself first!  To love ourselves as God loves each of us.

To apply this, we all have people in our lives that seem to be placed on this earth to drive us crazy or to be our arch nemesis.  These are the people we like to hold a grudge against.  These are the people we try to get others to side with us against them.

The command is to love!  What we naturally want doesn’t fit today’s message. With absolutely no clue that today, Monday & day I am typing, was 9/11, I mention that it took me 10 years to even realize that I should be praying for our attackers on 9/11.   The way I have found it best to deal with those that really drive me to distraction is to earnestly pray for them.  Pray for their well being!  (Not that they fall off face of the earth or something along those lines.)

In our human state, that is the only way I have found to try and live this message to love.  How else can we correct those with us in our faith.  Only in love and prayer.  I am not sure it is ever easy, but it certainly makes life easier.

Today’s Mass on CTSA:  (You will recognize presider)

Holy Land Video for Pilgrimage!

Holy Land Video for Pilgrimage!

As a few said after the meeting today, we are ready to go!  We leave at 10am March 11th.

It will be a great tour.  Check out this video if you are on the fence.

A few answers from today’s meeting are below the video.


Some answers:

  1.  Registration first come, first served.  Deadline for turning in money and application is 15 October.  To either church office or mail it in.
  2. If you passport isn’t here yet, please just mark pending and get that in asap.
  3. 50 pound bag checked and a carry on at 18 pounds included!
  4. We are in an A380.
  5. Everyone is welcome, under 18 need an adult with them.  Any parish any faith.
  6. If we are not full, 44, we will still take more, but price is not guaranteed after 15th.

Email me if you have questions by clicking here.