Keep Christ in Christmas or Keep X in Xmas? Pet Peeve

Keep Christ in Christmas or

Keep X in Xmas? Pet Peeve..

downloadFirst, I am a 4th Degree Knight. This is not about their campaign to Keep Christ in Christmas, but about some well meaning people that just happen to be clueless. Driving through an area famous for their light, so poor miss guided soul had a serious of signs and lights costing him a small fortune saying the keep Christ in Christmas and stop the use of X. So his point was the take out the X in Xmas.

First time I saw this I had some religious woman with me so I just said my piece and moved on to more lights. I went back and knocked on the door later.  Unfortunately, I have confirmed for this man the Catholics are not Christians.

I tried to explain the Chi Rho or image at top of post was the first two letters of the Greek work Khristos or Christ and is a symbol for Christ back to the earliest days.  I explained the in the seminary most of us wrote X for Christ and Xtn for Christian.  The more I talked the more he glazed over.

The response finally was, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?  I thought that the correct answer should be yes, so that is how I answered.  He shock is head and said “another of those dang fundamentalists”.  I realized that I’d made a huge assumption and asked why he said that.

To make a long story short, I claimed my faith and his response was, “oh, well that is just as bad”!  I knew I was not going to make anymore headway, and gave him the Google info I had for him in just case he wasn’t home and left.

In Short,

We do need to keep Christ in Christmas and X is one of our Symbols for Christ.  It isn’t that we have X’ed out Christ which I guess is what this man had believed.  I really want to create a bumper sticker for him this year, you guessed it Keep X in Xmas. I also a Chi Rho super imposed on it.  As we keep Christ as the focus of our Holiday, we also have to fight the dumbing down of society.  Maybe if we all try to nudge a bit and challenge, we can do it.

My Parents, I miss them and am thankful for what they taught me!

My Parents, I miss them and am thankful for what they taught me!

My dad died in 2008 and mom in 2010 and I still miss them and have things I would love to share with them.mdcruise

I am thankful…

that they gave me life.

that they made me go to Church every weekend and holy day.   (I was not thankful when I found out that Thanksgiving and Ash Wednesdays were not Holy Days of Obligation)

that they made me respect my elders and always use their titles.

that they made me behave in public.

that they made me sit quietly in Church even if it was boring or in a strange language.  When they were kids it was always in another language.

that they made me study and get good grades.

that they made me go out an play.

that they didn’t let me watch TV on school nights.

that they loved me more than they needed me to like them.

that they made us eat dinner together almost every day.

that they loved each-other and were best friends.

that they let us have a dog that turned out to be dad’s dog!

that they bought a VW camper so that we could see more of Europe.

that they paid for my college.

that they were always there for me.

that they always pushed me to be better.

that they encouraged me to read.

that they never let me give up.

that they let me tinker and fix things, even their cars.

that they shared their life and faith so freely!

that they made me look for the best in others to include siblings.

Could go on and on, but to Close

I remember early in the seminary that my spiritual director, Fr. Alex, asked me to talk about when my parents would fight.  I said they don’t.  He said, what about a disagreement.  I said that I didn’t know because they always discussed differences when we were not around.  He didn’t really ever believe me, but thanks mom and dad for an amazing life.

They put their marriage first, so that we always had a stable house to come home to.  The only think that I could have asked for, was to have you with us for more time.  You left us when you both were way too young!


Grace VanderWaal – Perfectly Imperfect

Grace VanderWaal – Perfectly Imperfect

I thought for a while I would find something each week that makes me smile or laugh and share it here.

I started watching America’s Got Talent with my mom after dad died, she loved the show and I would dvr it and watch highlights even after she died.  This year, I saw this young girl, 12 y/0,  appear and Simon had an unreadable look and I decided if he said anything mean to this child, I was getting in the car to give him a piece of my mind, or at least write one heck of a letter.

He shook his head and smiled.  He said she was the next Taylor Swift.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


Here is a montage of what was on America’s Got Talent.  Listening to the family, just wanting her to not fail, especially now knowing she is the winner.  When Simon asked if she thought she could win with an original song, she giggles and says, “miracles can happen!”  YES THEY DO!

Mr Trump will be our next President, For Catholics, Now What?

Mr Trump will be our next President, For Catholics, Now What?

I had a premonition that the polls were wrong.  I shared it with a few, because I really wasn’t happy about either candidate.  They both just seemed, bad.  Mr. Trump and his lack of tact and presidential nature or Sec. Clinton and more of the same and the fact I really think she lies and about issues of National Security no less.

I believe her to be fairly brilliant, so her I didn’t know having my own email was wrong or her Benghazi answers, just don’t cut it for me.  I have never had people confessing who they voted for and yet that is what I heard the Saturday before the election.  Forgive me, I voted for Mr. Trump or I voted for Sec. Clinton.  So, Mr Trump will be our next President, For Catholics, Now What?

I stayed up till it was all over Tuesday night.  For the first time in many years, I was mesmerized by the reports. Continue reading “Mr Trump will be our next President, For Catholics, Now What?”

Daily Mass – Why isn’t it full?

Daily Mass – Why isn’t it full?

First, lets take out the obvious, the priest.  To answer to Daily Mass – Why isn’t it full, we need to look deeper.  We need to think about why we do go to

Many reasons motivate people to go to church and to Mass.  There is the basic, they feel they have to go or it will be a sin.  See the post of sin for more info on that.  Again, I think it is deeper.   We have people that do go to daily mass and even they go for different reasons.  Some leave and have no idea what the homily was or what the readings were, they just either wanted quiet time or time with their God.

The fact the a large percentage of Catholics don’t believe in the “real presence” they way the Church teaches, is part of the issue.  The other is that a Georgetown study shows that only 23% of adult Catholics report going to mass on weekends.   So what do we do?

I think we start with those going to mass daily or as I like to say the choir.  If those that go daily start to invite friends we can grow daily Mass and that added grace and intentionally praying for those that lack belief will start to make an impact.  We preach more about what we believe and work those beliefs in as much as we can.

So why don’t people go?  For the most part because they don’t see a reason to go.  Most go to avoid a pain, either from family or from God.  We need to change the mindset to people looking for times that they can get to mass

The Plan:

We start small.  Each of us pray for those needing conversion, then we ask them to join us on weekends.  We make sure that once they are there we are prepared for them.  We have good homilies and music and we welcome them.

I know that if people realize the gift we have in the Eucharist, the priest and the music will not matter, but for now, they do!

Go forth and invite.

All Saints Day

All Saints Day

We celebrate All Saints Day every year and it amazes me that more people don’t show up for this Mass like they do for Ash Wednesday.all-saints-day-candle-picture We need to come up with something to give away, that would fix it, but what?

We love Ashes reminding us that we are going to die and return to dust.  We love remaindering or mortality.  We love celebrating it in many cultures as we will do tomorrow.  So why no huge celebration today?  We don’t have cakes, parades or really anything.  We have some great songs that folks in New Orleans love, but it just isn’t the same.

Are we afraid of our Baptismal promise of everlasting life?  Do we not really want to claim that?  If not, why?  Is it the work involved, because not doing the work has a scary consequence, hell.

So, what is it about this day?  I really think it is partly disbelief.  We would much rather focus on the bad than the amazing promise of good.  The promise of ever lasting live, is the promise of being a saint.  Could it be that because we have so many amazing saints in the Church that we don’t feel worthy?

I guess it could be that, but think about it, that is the life God is calling us to.  Radical acceptance of the Gospel and what that calls us to accomplish in our lives.  Maybe that is why we don’t have parades and parties today.  This call is a bit scary in that it calls us to action!

In Short

This day doesn’t bring about our festive party nature, but is should.  We have the gift of everlasting life which we are celebrating.  We can ignore it or say we will do our best, but the reality is, we are called to be saints.  From the promise of our Baptism and through the Cross, we have that promise.

We now need to live it!