Mr Trump will be our next President, For Catholics, Now What?

Mr Trump will be our next President, For Catholics, Now What?

I had a premonition that the polls were wrong.  I shared it with a few, because I really wasn’t happy about either candidate.  They both just seemed, bad.  Mr. Trump and his lack of tact and presidential nature or Sec. Clinton and more of the same and the fact I really think she lies and about issues of National Security no less.

I believe her to be fairly brilliant, so her I didn’t know having my own email was wrong or her Benghazi answers, just don’t cut it for me.  I have never had people confessing who they voted for and yet that is what I heard the Saturday before the election.  Forgive me, I voted for Mr. Trump or I voted for Sec. Clinton.  So, Mr Trump will be our next President, For Catholics, Now What?

I stayed up till it was all over Tuesday night.  For the first time in many years, I was mesmerized by the reports. The utter shock on everyone’s face and the different strategies for how Hillary would still win.  To me, many hours before, it was clear that the pollsters were wrong.  I waited to hear Mr. Trump and I was praying.  I was praying that he didn’t come out and say,  Hey America, Told you that I would beat that woman.  I told you!  He came out humbled and presidential.  He even thanked his secret service and others.

I saw someone that could be president.  The hope came from the fact he was elected.  The poll I checked election morning said he had a 23% chance of winning.

What does this mean?

People are fed up with business as usually.  People who wouldn’t admit to the pollsters who they were voting for, wanted something new.  They didn’t want a politician, they want change.

With our voting power, we need to use that.  We need to write as Catholics and we need to hold him to the things he said about life.  We also need to make sure that as he tries to keep our country safer, that he doesn’t block or stop our humanitarian missions and our care for true refugees.  I am praying at every mass and at every hour of the office for our new President.  I am also praying that those Catholics that stood up for change, keep the pressure on, or I’m afraid we will be right back here in 4 years.

Vote and write, it does make a difference!

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  1. Let’s give Trump a chance. We need to rectify all the damage our 44th President did to devide our nation.
    Let me suggest concerned Catholics join Catholic Vote, an organization of Catholics mobilized to defend Faith and Family. Check it out at Catholic Vote. org.

  2. Fr. Pat,
    This is a question related to the decision to preempt the scheduling of the 1210 PM Latin Mass for the recently instituted Spanish Mass. My wife who speaks Spanish fluently is a devote of the Latin Mass and has attended that
    Mass since it’s inception at St. Pius and earlier at the St. Francis Nursing home chapel. She has regularly generously contributed to the parish with weekly checks. There are many families from both within and without the parish with small children who have faithfully attended the Latin Mass for several years at St. Pius and who are now very inconvenienced by the new schedule. You are familiar with the Latin Mass community’s sustained efforts to find enough priests to celebrate that Liturgy. It seems ironic that with your having acquired Fr. Betancourt, the “new kid on the block” Spanish Mass should take precedence in scheduling over the long-established Latin Mass. How’d that come about? Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Colonel, very simply the Archbishop who is my boss asked to keep the Spanish mass at noon since most are later. I told him we would try that but will reevaluate things in July. My goal was to get a mef priest , the fact that his primary language was Spanish was a bonus with some unfortunate consequences for your group. I also talked to many that aren’t the Mass in the Extraordinary Form and all agreed having a young dedicated priest was more important than time. Most of those asked had large families.

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