Videos – more information about and from me

Videos – more information about and from me.

I got the idea for this page when my most loyal fan, my sister, sent out an email with some of the things I have done.  Since she had done most the work, I figured I  could retype in my style and share it here also.

One of my recent Daily Mass celebrations:


This one surprised me the most.  I was asked to do a reflection for the USCCB’s website.  If my video didn’t just start or have a play button on it, than this will show today’s reflection, but if you scroll down in window and click on June 3 you will find me.  This was a great honor and fun to hear people’s responses to my thoughts.

This is just fun. When I was leaving the church I was assigned to and evaluated at before I was returned to active ministry, they put this skit together for me.  Very few dry eyes, but what a great send off.  This is mostly here for the less techy to find(instead how to search a user on YouTube, enter URL and one click later you’ve found it), but others might enjoy.


I have some friends that work on the project “Worth Repeating” that Texas Public Radio produces.  They asked me if I could share my story, reader’s digest style, at one of their events focusing on service and life changes.  I am a priest and not a webmaster, so the use of iframe is very basic.  If the flash doesn’t play, you can see the picture and scroll down to listen below.  This was done at a local theater.