Facing East? REALLY?

Ad orientem, or facing away from the people.  When I first read facing East, I actually thought, “I already face East”… took a second for this image to appear in my mind

ad orientem
Facing East

Stunned and then figured I was dreaming.  I figured I would just have my people turn around and we would all be covered.  I already have a Mass in the extraordinary form, I didn’t need that for everyone else too! Continue reading “Facing East? REALLY?”

Like vs love

There is the old joke that God so loved the world that He didn’t send a committee.  That being said, I think in reality the bigger gift is that he only commanded us to Love one another.  Not easy, on its own, but a great deal easier to accomplish than to like everyone which is impossible.  The the question remains, Live vs Love.  What is the difference? Continue reading “Like vs love”

Pro Life

This could surprise many of you, but I hate when pro-life groups ask me to speak. It almost never ends well. No one argues with the phrase that we support life from conception to natural death, until you bring up examples or issues that in my opinion dilute the message.  Or when the truth is that we are really concerned primarily with Abortion.


I was interrupted at a local event by a political candidate claiming to be a Continue reading “Pro Life”


Jubilee of Mercy

I am  not sure we understand what mercy really is about and in this age of Google, I am not sure that we will ever get there.  I waited weeks to publish the first time.  After preaching on the feast of Sts Peter and Paul I needed to write this.  I think the fact that Peter was chosen as founding leader of our faith tells us volumes about our relationship with God.

Peter should make us all feel good:

The Plank in our Eye


Rock of Gibralter

Having worn contacts since the mid 70’s this is a very painful image.  Even a piece of dust under a contact is like the Rock of Gibralter under there.  I have taken them out while driving and many of other times to stop the pain.

I used to take this as just another analogy of worrying about your own salvation before that of others, but this year with the who series of readings and preaching almost everyday, I came to realize a deeper meaning.

When there is a foreign object in our eye, we can’t see at all, no less to remove a splinter from anyone’s eye.  We need to be able to see clearly to do that.  Basically our sins keep us from seeing others and the world clearly.  The challenge of this is the for us to really see the world and others as God created them, we have to be working on forgiveness for our sins and I am not sure we ever get there in this world, so the real point is that we need to be there for our brothers and sisters, but not be judging them as we will be judge as we judge others.

If you know me you guessed it, we are back to Reconciliation…

This brings us to what the true use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation should be.  The Sacrament isn’t about just reading off a list of sins and coming back the next time with the same list of sins.  It is about our conversion to living the life that God’s has called us to and created us for.  I worry that we worry that we have done at a basic action level, and not enough about what it is underneath that causes us to sin in the first place.

So as we remove the plank in our eye, we see the world more clearly and with that clarity we can see what God is calling us to and in that process we worry much less about the splinter in the eye of a neighbor.