Jubilee of Mercy

I am  not sure we understand what mercy really is about and in this age of Google, I am not sure that we will ever get there.  I waited weeks to publish the first time.  After preaching on the feast of Sts Peter and Paul I needed to write this.  I think the fact that Peter was chosen as founding leader of our faith tells us volumes about our relationship with God.

Peter should make us all feel good:

  • He makes 1st profession of faith to only seconds later have Jesus call him Satan.
  • He refuses feet washing then asks to be washed everywhere.
  • Peter betrays God 3 times after assuring him that he wouldn’t
  • He walks on water only to lose faith and sink

Our first leader is a great example of  being human, and having foot in mouth disease.  He is the perfect role model for us as we try to live our lives.  We have to remind ourselves that it is God that called and chose us and we have to let God work through our faults.

So when someone is new to an organization and there are some bad returns on Google, what do we do.  I recently experienced a person judged, just by the “facts” as reported on the internet.  When I challenged a few people they came back and said their feelings were based in the well being of the children.  I am in a state of shock that a group that supports a school for decades then uses that institution of learning and expanding our youths minds as an excuse not to show mercy.  To clarify, the “facts” had NOTHING to do with anything that would affect children.  Just a few posts below the networks reports was the true story of this person.  How sad, we can’t even get past the “fold” of a Google page these days.

A job changed, because of information that isn’t complete on the internet.  I have an issue with that.  Can’t we take the time to get facts, to meet the person and see for ourselves?

In Short

A year of mercy means nothing if we are called to be merciful only when it doesn’t challenge us!

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  1. Hi,

    I have read 2 posts on your portal – all of them are very good.
    I added to favourite websites.
    What do You think about Brexit? Are You proponent or oponent?


  2. Donald Trump has foot in mouth disease. Maybe that is an omen that he will lead our country, just like Peter lead our church.

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