St. Pius X Parish Festival – Celebrating 60 Years of Service!

St. Pius X Parish Festival – Celebrating 60 Years of Service!


Don’t miss out!  October 8, 2017.  11Am – 6pm.  This will be a great event.  BBQ dinner tickets go on sale this weekend after all the masses.  Only 700 printed and remember last year we sold out!  This is 60 years of service, and the St. Piux X festival gets bigger each year.

Rides for the kids.  Amazing live and silent auction items.  Games that all can enjoy including BINGO!  Sit and enjoy the live music, eat, drink and be merry!

The raffle this year has 10 prizes and is only $5.00.  Look at what you can win.

Join us for a great day and a chance to win thousands of dollars or a Diamond Necklace or 65″ Samsung Smart TV.

Call parish at 210.824.0139 for more info or email me at

Hope to see you there!

Holy Land Video for Pilgrimage!

Holy Land Video for Pilgrimage!

As a few said after the meeting today, we are ready to go!  We leave at 10am March 11th.

It will be a great tour.  Check out this video if you are on the fence.

A few answers from today’s meeting are below the video.


Some answers:

  1.  Registration first come, first served.  Deadline for turning in money and application is 15 October.  To either church office or mail it in.
  2. If you passport isn’t here yet, please just mark pending and get that in asap.
  3. 50 pound bag checked and a carry on at 18 pounds included!
  4. We are in an A380.
  5. Everyone is welcome, under 18 need an adult with them.  Any parish any faith.
  6. If we are not full, 44, we will still take more, but price is not guaranteed after 15th.

Email me if you have questions by clicking here. 

Transfiguration, an interesting event

Transfiguration, an interesting event

This story, which we celebrate every August 6th, is in all three synoptic Gospels and is a bit odd.  It really doesn’t fit with the rest of the Gospels.  It is more like a magical Hollywood production than a story about a humble Savior who came with mercy and forgiveness.   We have the dead reappearing and the voice of God from the heavens. It is hard not to think of Charlton Heston and The 10 Commandments.

So why is it in the Gospel?  Each Gospel is written to a different community and this story is still there.  I don’t know if this is my thought or from a book I read or from a seminary class, but I have seen this for a long time as having to be true.  It doesn’t meet what a historian would say was fact, but the purpose has to be true for us and for our faith.  Jesus even asked his disciples to not say a word about this until after the resurrection.   The Transfiguration is an event that has to be for our faith.  That is the only reason that it is there.

The Transfiguration brings old and new together; it shows for all people that Jesus really is our Lord and Savior.  When we doubt or lack trust, we just need to look to the Transfiguration and the words of our God.

 “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.” Mt17:6

Information on March 2018 Holy Land Pilgrimage.

Information on March 2018 Holy Land Pilgrimage.

Hot of the press if you are reading this in August.  Here are the details of St. Pius X and friends pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Some questions answered:

Who is eligible?  Anyone with $2900 that wants to go on pilgrimage to Holy Land.

Do we have to fly out of from Houston?  Yes, seats are booked, but if you live in other part of country all you need to do is get a ticket to either San Antonio and take bus, or Houston in time to meet us before flight.

Do I have to be Catholic?  No.  It is, however, a Catholic pilgrimage with Mass every day and focused on the Christian sites.   There is not requirement of anyone to attend Mass, but there will be no transportation to other places.

Is it safe? I purposely picked a tour company that specializes in the Holy Land.  The company owner is from there and his brother still lives there.  They have sent thousands of people there and they have all returned safely.  That is there livelihood.  We are actually paying  a little more to reduce our travel and avoid delays, which again increases our safety.  Please come to meetings and meet Moses and he can discuss this further.  (yes his name really is Moses)

The info you have waited for:  (I HOPE)

Email me at or call me at 210-824-0139 if you have any questions.


I did (fill in the blank), is it a sin?

I did (fill in the blank), is it a sin?

Can Anyone tell us we sinned?  I get asked almost every weekend, is this action a sin.  I have to resist just saying, what do you think or would you be asking if it wasn’t.  Too many people have the wrong notion of how to determine a sinful act and I know who to blame.  I blame years of poor teaching on our part.  So when I hear, I did (fill in the blank), is it a sin, I need to do a little teaching first.


Defining sin, people constantly ask, if I am sure.  To avoid people thinking I’m making this up, here is the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s definition:

1849 Sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God and neighbor caused by a perverse attachment to certain goods. Sin wounds the nature of man and injures human solidarity. It has been defined as “an utterance, a deed, or a desire contrary to the eternal law.

To just add a bit more Church talk a mortal sin must meet this conditions:

1857 For a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met: “Mortal sin is sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent.”

So if you ask if something is a mortal sin, I will ask did you intentionally sever your relationship with God?  Unless you say yes, it is not a mortal Continue reading “I did (fill in the blank), is it a sin?”

Simply One Word, Amen, Not I Believe or ANYTHING else!

Simply One Word, Amen,

Not I Believe or ANYTHING else!

Distributing Communion, Just AMEN.

This is part of another Blog, but I feel that it needs to be repeated.  I have preached on it, taught about it and still feel that we are a long way from people getting it!  When receiving communion and you hear, the simple phrases “The Body of Christ” and “The Blood of Christ”  there is only one possible response, AMEN.  Period, end of story, I should stop writing.  That is it, just AMEN.

First issue.  We are a universal Church.  Catholic means universal.  There are two words that are almost the same in all languages, AMEN and ALLELUIA.  I have not been able to confirm, but in all the places I have been it has been amen, not always spelled like that and I found a list of 80 languages with the sound being amen, just the writing was different.

Second issue.  Amen from the original texts is more accurately translated, “so be it”.  It is more a statement of faith with many other nuances that trite phrases like “I believe” just don’t have.

Finally, if the whole, or even most of the church is uttering the same thing, who are we to change it.  We are attesting with those present, those at neighboring parishes and those around the world that we are one Church.  With our amen we affirm our communion of faith and purpose with the entire Church.  We have come together at Eucharist as one universal Body of Christ all using the same affirmation, AMEN.

I believe…

When receiving communion we only say Amen.  No more Thanks yous, thanks, I believe, Jesus is my Lord and Savor or anything that doesn’t sound like AMEN.  As our sending forth song proclaimed tonight, “let the people say AMEN!  (and nothing else when receiving communion)

SPRING BREAK! Holy Land Here we come!

  SPRING BREAK!  Holy Land …  Here We Come!

Our next Pilgrimage is the Holy Land.  We will be leav

ing St. Pius X at 10:30AM on Sunday March 11!

A bus will take all but me to Houston, where I will meet you after the 10:15 mass.  We will check in and be met by local tour representative and check in for our Lufthansa Flight to Frankfurt, Germany.   T

hose that went to Ireland, we have gone from probably the smallest transatlantic plane to the largest.  Looks like we will be on at A380, which is a full two story plane.  Looks like it will be 3 seats on outside of aisles and 4 in the middle.   (Unless you upgrade to the top floor!)  We will then board another Lufthansa Flight to Tel Aviv on what looks like an Airbus A 321, 3 seats either side of the aisle.  I am assuming we will have similar planes on the way home.  We get a bonus night in Frankfurt on the way home and we can get a great German dinner to prepare us for re-entry.


  1.  Do you have to be a St. Pius X, Parishioner?  NO
  2.  Do you have to be Catholic?  No, all are welcome!  FYI, We will celebrate mass most days.
  3. What is itinerary?  We are going at a busy time, he is working on it.
  4. What if I want more info?  There will be an info night next month, watch for dates.  We may stream it live on Facebook.
  5. How much will tipping by?  Included
  6. How much will food be?  I don’t know, depends on how much you eat, but breakfast and dinner are included and will be more buffet style to facilitate quicker meals most nights.

We have set aside 44 seats.  I have taken one of them.  This will be like last time, first come with $300 to hold, first saved.

Price should be around $3000 each and 4 hotels including one in Germany.

If you are interested and want to be adding to mailing list please watch for more info!  Once I have details they will be posted here like last time!


Under Paid, Over Worked and Extremely Happy!

Under Paid, Over Worked and Extremely Happy!

While at a youth event I was talking to two Franciscan Sisters.  We were talking about how dealing with you has changed and how different our world was just in last ten years.  Some how we ended up talking about other things we had done and the circuitous path that each of us had taken to get to where we are.  All of us had other amazing things that we had done, but only doing what we are doing now has really brought us true happiness.

I said it is hard to believe that being under paid and overworked could make us so extremely happy.  They suggested that be the subtitle to my blog, but thought it seems like a complaint if not read properly, but did say I would Blog about it.  They were vocation work at the Dallas Steubenville Event.

I have made in one real estate transaction, more than I make in a year now.  I never had the happiness and true joy as I have now.  Money was never a motivator.  As we talked we realized that for each of us a confirmation that we were doing what we were create for was an amazing sense of happiness and motivation to do what ever we can.  I get up almost every morning before my alarm.  I am excited for what the day brings, sometimes when I get to the office that changes, but not often.

Our question was, how do we convey this to our youth?  The Pope is a poster child for this with his smile and thumbs up.  How do the kids get that.  They see us and at times I think they think I am just crazy.  I’ve started asking our youth to consider a vocation to priesthood and religious life before marriage.  It is easy to fall in love and at that point, a ohter vocations seem very distant.

The question:

I am ending this with a question.  How do we get our kids to honestly look at what God is calling them to.  We are spending the time that we can with the youth.  So, what else can we as a Church do to focus our youth more on what God is calling them to?

A mixed day, a farewell to Archbishop Patricio Flores.

A mixed day, a farewell to Archbishop Patricio Flores.

–Written the evening Archbishop Flores was burried.  Due to a glitch, or operator error this never published, so very late, it is published.

A mixed day, a farewell to Archbishop Patricio Flores is bitter sweet.  He wasn’t himself, yet now he is again whole.  To all accounts he was an amazing man that was unable to speak Spanish except in confession during his first assignment and then was ordained the first Mexican-American Bishop.  A priest for the poor, his family picked cotton and he would say he was a cotton picking bishop.  His sense of humor was one of many great qualities.

I could write a months worth a blogs on the man we bury today, but I don’t think he wants that.  His life focused on the poor and the building of the kingdom.  His stories and his music might someday be forgotten, but the courage of Archbishop Patricio Flores can never be forgotten.  The courage to be exactly who God created him.  Always simple & humble and he knew from an early age that God had called him to be a priest and against most odds, he got there.  Even as a famous Archbishop he seemed to always see himself as a everyday priest.

I hope as we celebrate his life tomorrow and inter him into the earth that everyone remembers that he is whole again.  He is cooking, singing and loving life!  Our challenge, I hope, for each of us to remember that we are all called to bring the message he constantly proclaimed in word in song to all those we encounter.  Archbishop Patricio Flores was an amazing cook and host.  He loved the poor and was constantly helping his priests help the poor.  Spreading the Gospel was his life!  Going forward, I believe he wants us all to do just that; spread the Gospel in all that we do!

In Short

Thanks for all you taught me, I miss you Archbishop!

Confirmation – Something New for this Priest to Ponder!

Confirmation – Something new for this priest to ponder!

Confirmation is something new for me to ponder!  Sunday for the first time as the presider, I had the privilege to confirm 57 young people.  I have had the bad luck to hear some of the worst confirmation homilies of all time.  I’ve watched bishops warn young people about the dangers of sex, masturbation and porn in a way that gives them a road map to all these things.

Where my family lives was among the worst.  My brother even sent me a list of gifts of the holy spirit and social justice issues to help prepare my homily.  He did this having had to sit through some of the same, ick.  I reminded him that I only had 45 minutes for this.  I better would stick with the tried and true.

After our laugh, I started to think, what the heck can I say that will reach these sophomores on a hot Sunday afternoon.  After some thought and prayer, I left the readings behind and went with the fact that we are created in the image and likeness of God.  I talked about my struggles and leave of absence and told them life can get hard, but with the gifts of Grace from the Sacraments, we can conquer anything.    I reminded them that God made them exactly as they were on purpose!  Each created to show a different aspect of who our God is to the world.  It was a good B+ homily, but nothing compared to what came next.

Renewing our baptismal promises, every question met with a strong response of, I DO!  The confirmation followed.  I had always wondered how Archbishop Gustavo could preside at over 120 confirmations a year and be so good at it.  Looking up for the first time, no more, mission accomplished, 57 newly confirmed, wow.  I figured we were half way, but we were finished!  What an amazingly intimate moment of grace with our youth.

In Short…

Until yesterday, there was nothing about being a dean that I would miss.  Now when this job is finished, I will greatly miss the privilege of confirming our youth.  From the beginning to the end, it was amazing.