Daily Mass – Why isn’t it full?

Daily Mass – Why isn’t it full?

First, lets take out the obvious, the priest.  To answer to Daily Mass – Why isn’t it full, we need to look deeper.  We need to think about why we do go to mass.gifts

Many reasons motivate people to go to church and to Mass.  There is the basic, they feel they have to go or it will be a sin.  See the post of sin for more info on that.  Again, I think it is deeper.   We have people that do go to daily mass and even they go for different reasons.  Some leave and have no idea what the homily was or what the readings were, they just either wanted quiet time or time with their God.

The fact the a large percentage of Catholics don’t believe in the “real presence” they way the Church teaches, is part of the issue.  The other is that a Georgetown study shows that only 23% of adult Catholics report going to mass on weekends.   So what do we do?

I think we start with those going to mass daily or as I like to say the choir.  If those that go daily start to invite friends we can grow daily Mass and that added grace and intentionally praying for those that lack belief will start to make an impact.  We preach more about what we believe and work those beliefs in as much as we can.

So why don’t people go?  For the most part because they don’t see a reason to go.  Most go to avoid a pain, either from family or from God.  We need to change the mindset to people looking for times that they can get to mass

The Plan:

We start small.  Each of us pray for those needing conversion, then we ask them to join us on weekends.  We make sure that once they are there we are prepared for them.  We have good homilies and music and we welcome them.

I know that if people realize the gift we have in the Eucharist, the priest and the music will not matter, but for now, they do!

Go forth and invite.