Under Paid, Over Worked and Extremely Happy!

Under Paid, Over Worked and Extremely Happy!

While at a youth event I was talking to two Franciscan Sisters.  We were talking about how dealing with you has changed and how different our world was just in last ten years.  Some how we ended up talking about other things we had done and the circuitous path that each of us had taken to get to where we are.  All of us had other amazing things that we had done, but only doing what we are doing now has really brought us true happiness.

I said it is hard to believe that being under paid and overworked could make us so extremely happy.  They suggested that be the subtitle to my blog, but thought it seems like a complaint if not read properly, but did say I would Blog about it.  They were vocation work at the Dallas Steubenville Event.

I have made in one real estate transaction, more than I make in a year now.  I never had the happiness and true joy as I have now.  Money was never a motivator.  As we talked we realized that for each of us a confirmation that we were doing what we were create for was an amazing sense of happiness and motivation to do what ever we can.  I get up almost every morning before my alarm.  I am excited for what the day brings, sometimes when I get to the office that changes, but not often.

Our question was, how do we convey this to our youth?  The Pope is a poster child for this with his smile and thumbs up.  How do the kids get that.  They see us and at times I think they think I am just crazy.  I’ve started asking our youth to consider a vocation to priesthood and religious life before marriage.  It is easy to fall in love and at that point, a ohter vocations seem very distant.

The question:

I am ending this with a question.  How do we get our kids to honestly look at what God is calling them to.  We are spending the time that we can with the youth.  So, what else can we as a Church do to focus our youth more on what God is calling them to?