Guest Blog – Message from an 8th Grader on Good Friday

Guest Blog – Message from an 8th Grader on Good Friday

My Parochial Vicar wanted to add to Good Friday and proclamation of the 7 last words of Christ.  I said to go for it and I am so glad that I did.  The only mistake was that I let him talk me into taking one of the words.  As pastor, people hear me enough and what came out of our parishioners was amazing.  Many priests think that priests that love having a school are crazy.  (We might be, but for good reason) If we let them, our young people can teach and amaze us.  This is the first Guest Blog and is a message from an 8th grader to those gathered for the 7 last words.  As I listened there was no doubt why I love being at parishes with schools.

So, a message from an 8th grader on Good Friday:

Carli Medina

The sixth last word of Jesus- it is finished.

From the Gospel according to John

There was a vessel filled with common wine. So they put a sponge soaked in wine on a sprig of hyssop and put it up to his mouth. When Jesus had taken the wine, he said: it is finished.

“It is finished,” is written as the Greek word tetelestai which translates directly to “it is finished” or “it is completed.” There are only two places in the New Testament in which this word is used and both are found in St. John’s version of the Passion of Christ. In John 19:28, this word is used to state that Jesus completed the scripture passage from what the Old Testament testifies and in John 19:30 Jesus simply states “it is finished.” It may seem very obvious to us here today about what Jesus implied when he spoke these words, but I hope I may help you dive a little deeper through my reflection on these words.

At this time, the word tetelestai was also written on business documents or papers to indicate that the bill or loan had been paid in full. Now understanding the basic components of this word, it is clear to see why Jesus stated this words. It was no accident that he was handed over to be crucified, was beaten so horribly at Pilate’s Palace, it was not an accident when he died on the cross. It was all a part of God’s plan of complete salvation for his children. Jesus took the burden of suffering the hideous death on the cross so that we might obtain the promise of eternal life. When Jesus said this before he gave up his spirit to death, he stated of his fulfillment of his mission on earth. It can be easily mistaken to be spoken with grief, despair, and surrender. This probably what Satan believed to be true and he rejoiced, as seen in Mel Gibson’s, the Passion of the Christ film. We believe this to be the opposite. With these words, Jesus was victorious over evil and I am confident to say he spoke these words with an overwhelming sense of relief. Jesus knew that he had won over evil and that he had completed his earthly task. We must recognize that right now and have faith in our true Savior. God loved us so much that he gave up his only Son to death on the cross. To me, this is hope for my spiritual life and future and peace for knowing that God’s love never dies. It is at times like today when we feel most vulnerable when we have to look up at the cross and trust in what God has done for us.


Thanks for letting me use this and get my birthday off!

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  1. Beautiful, And obviously, I need to go back to school. SPX produces some of the best students in this city!

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