Funny Church Marquee Sign s

Funny Church Marquee Signs

I thought it was time for a laugh…

My sign now says as we have an uproar of the way the local school district is teaching Sex ed:

We teach our kids to pray!

A friend in Denver had a recurring one,

One week w/o Prayer makes one weak!

Others…  (Typed as they appeared)

Why didn’t Noah Swat the Mosquitoes?

Choose the bread of life or you are toast!

Honk if you love Jesus, Text while driving if you want to meet him.

Gotta see this one!  No way to write it out!


To who ever stole my air conditioners, you are going to need them, God.

Congradulations Graduates

Do not criticize your wife’s judgement – see whom she married!

Do you know what Hell is?  Come Hear our Preacher!

From up north -> Too cold to change sign! Message inside.

Have to write this one as on sign:

Best Sausage Supper

In St Louis 

Come and Eat

Pastor Thomas Ressler

There are some questions that can’t be answered by Google

OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH THE BLACK FAMILY.  (I Hope the last name is Black)

And  Church trying to lose their tax exemption:

Go Bush Go

Praise the Lord

Pass the Ammo

God wants full custody, not just weekend visits.

Wisdom has too parts. 1 having a lot to say 2. not saying it

Revival Canceled due to DEATH.

Get behind me, SATIN!  (Sheets or PJ’s)

Don’t be so open minded your brains might fall all!

Finally this one needs a visual: