Faith of a Child

balloons21 (1)Faith of a Child.

I concelebrated a funeral today for CP. (Initials only) He had Zellweger Syndrome. Most kids die before their first Birthday, CP was 9. We can always measure a life by how long it lasts, but for CP that wouldn’t do him justice. He was a survivor. In the not too distant future my parish will celebrate a funeral for a 105 year old.  Just by age alone people will say she had a great life. CP never said a word, something maybe I should pay attention to yet changed the world!

We had a packed Church and very few dry eyes.  Even knowing that CP is finally complete and whole for the very first time, today’s celebration challenged even the most stoic to keep a dry eye. Looking at the family and all they went through, knowing that he is now with his Grandma, it was still hard.

So I thought, what is it about what we think a complete life is? A Child lives for 8 year more than he should have and has a huge impact and we have a funeral for 100 year old that outlived there friends and no one is there for them. When people die young we complain, but really, what is young. If I were to die to day, what would people say? What a waste, he was young, or thank goodness he was a pain (just kidding on that I hope) and I began to think, Jesus literally changed the world in 3 year of ministry. What have I done to change even my city? or Parish?

I think we get too caught up on the hows and whys and the length of life. Today made the point it isn’t about how long we live, it is about the impact we have.  Have we changed anyone’s life, for the better?  People say that dogs are good judges of character. I am not sure I believe that, my sister-in-law once had a great bumper sticker, “Lord, help me to be the person my dog believes me to be!” I am not nearly as good as my Dog thinks I am, but as a puppy when she first met CP she jumped in his lap and while the mother was convincing me it was ok, we looked down to see Gabby just licking his face. Gabby would kiss CP every chance she got and he loved it.

The Pastor said that CP was happy in heaven watching Finding Nemo!  I corrected him when my turn came around, CP has found Nemo.

Thanks little guy for showing us what fighting for life truly is, you were an inspiration to the end!  We can all learn from the Faith of a Child!

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  1. Thank you Fr. Pat for this beautiful sentiment of a life well lived. CP certainly affected, inspired, and touched so many without a single spoken word.

  2. Wow. Awesome perspective. And you know, “they” say dogs are always a great judge of character. Gabby has it down!

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