Politics and Religion

Politics and Religion… Dare I go here…

Politics and Religion, Wow, here I go.  As we approach a strange time in the US political arena, I was thinking about the Gospel today about the Rich Man, His Camel and the Eye of the Needle.  The part of the Gospel that really caught me today is that “Nothing is impossible with God”.

I think if we look at our world, religion and politics are having the same politics-and-religionissues.  To me, it seems the busier we get and the more uncertain our world gets, we lose focus and look for answers, the easier the better.  We we are kids we live in a black and white world.  For some of us, even TV was black and white.  The old Church took the thought out of religion and faith.  The priest told us what to believe, what to do and even what was a sin.  The Church even informed us what the Bible was telling us.  It was like the Church was in a preadolescent phase.

The Magisterium at Vat II realized we had grown up and we were ready to take responsibility for our own lives.  The list of sins was taken away, we were given Bibles and told that Bibles are books of Faith that we need a relationship with and we became Adults.

As adults we realize we are responsible four our own salvation and maybe that of our Spouse and family!  We find that our conscience is now our guide.  Our parents with the help of the Church, started us on the journey of a well formed conscience.   We now understand that ultimately have the responsibility and on judgement day, our parents nor priest will be with us.

As a country we are not very old in the eyes of history.

It seems to me that we are definitely at a growth point.  Things are changing, responsibilities shifting and we are uncertain.  When I think about this election, I have the same queasy feeling as I think I did before my first school dance.

Realizing that nothing is impossible with God, I realize this is our time to shine.  We need to be bold!  I think our country is crying out for leadership that exemplifies consistency and integrity.  We can’t do that unless we are truly based in the Gospel.

Based in Sacred Scripture, I believe we turn to God.  We need daily time in prayer, not just talking to God, but in quiet mediation, because we need to listen just as much.  We don’t get clear cut answers, but that doesn’t mean that God isn’t ready to work through us!   All we have to do is just allow God to happen.  Just because I may vote for one candidate and you vote for another, that does not mean we are not based in our faith.  The ways of God are mysterious.

To bring this to a close…

God’s promise of fidelity to our covenant is our only surety.  As St. Theresa Said:

Christ has no body on earth but ours, no hands but ours, no feet but ours.  Ours are the eyes through which the compassion of Christ looks out upon the world, ours are the feet with which He goes about doing good, ours are the hands with which He blesses His people. — St. Teresa of Avila