Homily 21st Sunday Ordinary Time 2016 – Make Straight Your Path

Homily 21st Sunday Ordinary Time 2016 – Make Straight Your Path

I don’t usually write about my homilies, but what struck me this weekend, is still with me today.  In the reading from Hebrews it says to make our path straight.  I think I always though the challenge was to find the path godswayand that it could be hard to find.  The combination of the readings recently where we received the great commandment to love the Lord our God and to Love our neighbor as ourselves has really given me something to ponder.

Do we make the path crocked or difficult to follow or did God?  How many times are we the ones getting in the way, when the path to Salvation is actually quite clear.  How often do we get caught up in the day to day “STUFF” and forget about the reason we are even here.

Humans have become very skilled at making mountains out of mole hills.  I loved the book the Four Agreements by Ruiz.  He teaches about the Toltec Indians and the Four Agreements by which they led there life.

  1.  Do your best
  2.  Speak with Integrity of the work
  3.  Never assume
  4.  Don’t take anything personally

Think of how much simpler our lives would be if we just did 3 or 4?  What if we never took anything personally, who much stress would that save…  I think we could really get a ton more sleep and spend more time in prayer with just that one simple change.

Assumptions are like worry where we borrow stress.  What is stress.  Stress is something that we create in our lives and it is very dangerous and can kill us and we create it, we bring it into our lives.


We have a choice, are we going to make the path straight and let go of all the things that get in the way, or are we going to find ways to complicate or lives and our faith.  The world is hard enough, we don’t need to over complicate our faith.