San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo-Youth Connection

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo-Youth Connection

As many of you know, I have spent years volunteering with the Horse Show Committee.   I announce and have driving just about every piece of commitment there.  It was a huge commitment that I can’t do and be pastor at the same time.  Although I thought about quitting many times as it is a huge investment of my time, every-time I see the scholarships given and the kids helped, I get drawn back in to help.

the last few years, I have helped with the Youth Connection.  A good friend of mine runs this program that gives our youth service hours and experience of the “back end” of the stock show portion of the event.

When this started and I was announcing they asked if I would take some of the kids while announcing and were silly enough to ask my what category of volunteer I wanted.  Being me, and to be as obnoxious I said, I really don’t care, but cheerleaders would be nice.  My friend was clear that I would not be getting cheerleaders.  She comes up to my the first day I got volunteers and I could tell by the look on her face that I had done something wrong.  Well turns out that the only students that wanted anywhere near a microphone were the cheerleaders.  I have met some amazing young people through this program.  Kids that actually were probably better announcers than I was, as they understood what they were talking about and could add real color, not just humor to what they were saying.

Wanting to stay involved, I asked what I could do for Youth Connection without all the hours.  They have asked me to raise some money to offset the cost, so more money can go into scholarships.

For a big enough sponsorship we can get you a banner at the connection office in the horse arena.   (there are some restrictions due to other advertisers.)  The biggest part is helping out the kids.  Please don’t call the number on form directly without talking to me.

Please send all forms to me:

Fr. Pat O’Brien

St. Pius X

3303 Urban Crest

San Antonio, TX 78209