Weight-loss and the Relationship you have with your Scale!

Weight-loss and the Relationship you have with your Scale!

For those that didn’t read another blog of mine on weight-loss; I’m a slow learner and this is the third time that I have had to lose a significant amount of weight.  Each time I have have lost, I have maintained that loss for at least 10 years and some tragedy or stress has taken me out of my rhythm and I love to eat, so that has been my comfort.

Many popular diet programs say that you need to only see your scale once a week.  That has never worked for me.  The idea is that you look at the whole and don’t get freaked out about fluctuations.  Those variances, however, tell a story.

I need to see my scale everyday…

If I look at my periods of weight gain, they are periods where I have not been seeing my scale.  If there are even a few weights together, there is a dip in my weight that follows.  When I step on my friendly scale everyday, this is always weight-loss.

Yes there are days and a few times a few days that I have stayed the same or even gained and have not exceeded 800 calories on any of those days.  This is where you need to be patient and understand that this is a direct ratio, but there are many factors.   Did I get extra salt?  Are there certain foods that I shouldn’t eat?  More for another blog.  Salt is the biggest culprit and the best news when this happens because that means there is a water/hydration issue and drinking more water will fix it.  Salt is in many prepared and restaurant foods.  I even go off diet and introduce some caffeine and that fixes it in a day or two.  There are other tricks, but they are plan dependent.

My advice…

Remember advice is worth what you pay for it and this advice is from a priest and not a doctor.  I have to get on the scale every day.  Everyday see the damage I caused the day before.  I can’t stand an upward trend and self correct.  Even on last maintenance period when I was bad and didn’t get on scale, 2 pounds appeared.  Getting on the scale fixed that.

Your scale is your friend!  It likes low numbers!

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  1. I’m an everyday scale person also. I want to see if I need to make adjustments. I usually know before I get on the scale what the results are going to be! Nevertheless, it keeps me honest. When I do “bad”, the scale shows it! And, it is a reminder to do better today!

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