A mixed day, a farewell to Archbishop Patricio Flores.

A mixed day, a farewell to Archbishop Patricio Flores.

–Written the evening Archbishop Flores was burried.  Due to a glitch, or operator error this never published, so very late, it is published.

A mixed day, a farewell to Archbishop Patricio Flores is bitter sweet.  He wasn’t himself, yet now he is again whole.  To all accounts he was an amazing man that was unable to speak Spanish except in confession during his first assignment and then was ordained the first Mexican-American Bishop.  A priest for the poor, his family picked cotton and he would say he was a cotton picking bishop.  His sense of humor was one of many great qualities.

I could write a months worth a blogs on the man we bury today, but I don’t think he wants that.  His life focused on the poor and the building of the kingdom.  His stories and his music might someday be forgotten, but the courage of Archbishop Patricio Flores can never be forgotten.  The courage to be exactly who God created him.  Always simple & humble and he knew from an early age that God had called him to be a priest and against most odds, he got there.  Even as a famous Archbishop he seemed to always see himself as a everyday priest.

I hope as we celebrate his life tomorrow and inter him into the earth that everyone remembers that he is whole again.  He is cooking, singing and loving life!  Our challenge, I hope, for each of us to remember that we are all called to bring the message he constantly proclaimed in word in song to all those we encounter.  Archbishop Patricio Flores was an amazing cook and host.  He loved the poor and was constantly helping his priests help the poor.  Spreading the Gospel was his life!  Going forward, I believe he wants us all to do just that; spread the Gospel in all that we do!

In Short

Thanks for all you taught me, I miss you Archbishop!