Holy Week, How Can We Truly Open Hearts to the Mystery?

Holy Week, How Can We Truly Open Hearts to the Mystery?

Again Holy Week, again we are busy, we have work to do, families to feed parties to prepare for and just no time.  The loneliness of Jesus must have felt when he asked them to stay and pray and they slept, must have been profound.  How could they leave him alone at this time.  They had to have known, but they still fell asleep.

Loneliness can be a gift.  A gift that we seem to avoid at all costs.  As soon as were start to feel alone what do we do?  We check Facebook, our text feed, our other social media.  Someone out there just have something to say.  What if this week we give up our social media and our garbing for our phone at the first twinge of loneliness?  What if we used the feeling as a call to prayer, a call to be with our Father in Heaven?

I spent three years of college at a Benedictine monastery in the middle of now where.

See, I wasn’t kidding.  All those towns are just a few hundred people except Maryville and St. Joe.

I learned here that quiet could be good and I couldn’t wait to get away from that “good” quietness.  I now love going back for retreat.  It is almost as isolated as being on a cruise ship.

I realize that I am using a social medium platform to ask people to get away from social media, but it can’t be helped.  Each of us need time with our God.  We need that quiet peace.  We need that focus on the Mystery that should envelope us this week.

In Short

Words with Friends can wait a week, but can our faith?  We are called deeper in the Mystery every day, but I think we are afraid to let go.  The loneliness could be God calling.

Let us take a week and risk loneliness and see if we can find God in new and exciting ways!