Merry Christmas, what will be in the St. Pius X bulletin Christmas weekend

Merry Christmas, what will be in the St. Pius X bulletin Christmas weekend.

Merry Christmas!

First to all those visiting from out of town, welcome! Please feel free to make us your home away from home. For those that felt the need to find a church on this Christmas weekend, welcome. I know, if the Church offered what you needed, we would see you here every weekend. Please call or email me and tell me what you need to be here every weekend. The Church needs you, we need each other! So, to reach me anytime my personal cell is 210-365-6424 and my email is

Many years ago, I got sideways of my bishop and figured there was no way that I could be the priest he wanted/needed me to be and I took a leave of absence from active ministry. In the passing time, I have been a top RE/MAX Agent in many categories, am in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and have enough plaques to fill a few boxes. I rescued a chamber that had only a few dollars in its account and is now thriving.

Blessed to be here!

As A reward, I got to fly and fly in high performance jets (T-38 & F-4), and a heavy (C-141) too and none if it compares to my first 6 months with you.  This diverse community possesses an amazing commitment to their faith and the mission of the Church. I feel immensely blessed to be able to be your Pastor!  Many years ago I thought that I could never be an active priest again. I have learned from you and I have grown.  St. Pius X’s motto, “To Restore All Things in Christ.” I understand that now than I thought possible. Many of you thank me for what I have done, please know, all I am doing is stepping back and letting you go. This is your parish and you are the ones that make it great.

I asked for leaders for all the ministries and I think I have them! So, these leaders will be reaching out to you so that we can continue to build on the foundation you have built. If you are just here for Christmas, call me, we have many ways to help you get more involved and be a regular member here at St. Pius X Catholic Community.

For embracing my as your priest, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I pray for you daily.

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