Voting 2016, Things I’m tired of hearing.

Voting 2016, Things I’m tired of hearing

I saw a sign yesterday 2016 they all “stink”.  I had to change it, but Voting 2016 is bringing out the bad side of many, even some brother priests.  Please feel free to print this and give to people not following these guidelines.

First as a  non-profit we as Church have to stay neutral.  We can’t endorse or condemn any candidate.  We can speak to the issues, but not in a way that directs people intentionally toward one candidate.  The job of the Church is to form the consciences of the 6843180_origbelievers and by our Baptism to be missionaries.

So we are called to build the kingdom and then to form it.  There isn’t anything about telling it what to do or what is right and wrong.  When challenged on this I ask, what is one action that is always a mortal sin?  Most of the time people say thou shall not kill.  I love it when it is that easy.  I ask, a father kills an intruder that was just about to kill his pregnant wife and mother of his children, how is that a sin, no less a mortal sin?  So not even though shall not kill is able to be labeled always a mortal sin.  Is there anything that can be always called a mortal sin?  I would say no and that happens to be what the Church teaches.

Sin is about our relationship with God.  Things that hurt our relationship with God are sinful and things that sever our relationship with God are Mortal sins.  This election calls us each to prayer.  There isn’t a good candidate.  There is no way to say the safe bet is to vote for X!  I have heard that Voting this time is a mortal sin too.  REALLY?  Craziness.  We all need to vote this time around.

In short:

By prayer and spending time with God we vote the will of God as we see it and than God will work through our actions.

God can’t work through inaction to bring about change in this world, only action.  We are called to be people of action.  If a priest says something contrary, hand them this and asked them to call me.



4 thoughts on “Voting 2016, Things I’m tired of hearing.”

  1. Father, please for the sake of your readers, take this advice before you hit publish: 1. Read your entry word by word backwards to yourself. 2. Have your secretary read your entry out loud to you. Just doing those two things will improve almost anyone’s writing.

    1. Thank you! I have some friends that keep posting on FB the certain Archbishops are telling people not to vote for Trump. I just send them you link! When I listen to the video, the Archbishop doesn’t say a word about Trump, but only talks about the Catholic Faith.

    2. I refuse to get stuck in it has to be perfect, too much never gets published, people text or send typos and I fix them. If you need it perfect, that will never happen, if substantially correct works, usually by Wednesday.

  2. No writer is going to be perfect, but briefly reading over or editing something that has been written down already, can often help clarify the point you are trying to get across. If you intend this to be an extension of your teaching office, that could be important.

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