Abortion in Faith! New amazingly evil ad in SA Express News!

Abortion in Faith!

A full page ad in today’s San Antonio “news” paper has an attractive woman in a bright red dress (or should it be blood red) proclaiming she believed in an Abortion in Faith.  Asking for equality for woman.  I realize that as someone in a position not open to woman, runs a great risk here, but I have no idea how abortion is an equality issue.  Unless things have really changed it takes both sexes to create new life, granted one does substantially more work!   More importantly, how can someone say anyone can have an abortion in faith.  Do she abort her faith first?

In my life so far, I have talked to at least 30 women that have had abortions, not one has ever tried to justify it as something good or something that changed their life for the better.  Some have even been non Catholics coming to me because they hoped I would understand how awful they felt.  As a guy, I will never know, but the raw pain these woman come in with is heart wrenching.

One woman was so upset at everyone telling her how brave she was and it was her choice when she realized that not one of the pro abortion people had ever had an abortion or knew anyone that had.  She wondered how they could fight for something they had no clue about and no clue of the damage that abortion caused emotionally to those that had them.

This election in my opinion shows that we have a great need to stand up and make a difference.  We need to be the light to the nations that the Gospel calls us to be, we need to react in a way that every person, Catholic or atheist will think twice about running an ad about being a prochoice Catholic.  I should say pro-abortion Catholic.

Abortion by Faith!  Catholic for Choice! Hell NO! Not in this life!

We are all pro-choice by birth.  God gave us free will to decide our own destiny.  We also have the divine imprint on our soul.  What are we doing with that?  How are we using the gifts we are born with and develop through over a decade of school to make this world a better place?

All of us, former fetuses, former unsustainable life again are Pro Choice by the fact of Free Will.  A gift from God that enables us to determine our own destiny.  By the very nature of the Gift, by the very sanctity of life it self our choice has to be LIFE!  Always, LIFE!

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3 thoughts on “Abortion in Faith! New amazingly evil ad in SA Express News!”

  1. I have always been troubled by the term Pro-abortion. Christina and I had a traditional courtship and didn’t live together before we got married. I think this is the right way. But if I were an elected officials faced with a law to outlaw cohabitation by nonmaried persons, I would vote against it. That doesn’t make me “pro shacking up” does it? If I am a Libertarian and think adults should be able to decide whether or not they smoke pot, am I pro-drugs. There is a difference in believing that someone has a right (whether that be right or wrong) and supporting the action.

    As for the election, I think we are called to look at all the issues and not fixate on just one. Neither party has a platform that tightly aligns with the Gospel message and I think the Church should hold both sides accountable.

    1. You’re working on a negative there. I am pro choice, we were created with free will, I believe our choice has to be life. People who wear pro choice clothes and button, really are not for choice, they are for abortion, so yes they are pro abortion more than pro choice.

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