Receiving communion Pet Peeves #3

One of the reasons that I don’t doubt the study that says over half of Catholics don’t believe in Eucharist and real presence like the Church teaches is how we receive communion.  Every-time I think that I have seen it all, something new presents itself.  Most recently at a funeral a gentleman wanted me to give him a host to bring to one of the family members.  When I quietly told him I had already served him, the gentleman responded, by moving toward a mourner and pointing saying, I think he needs more.  Or at VBS the young person approaches and is clueless and I bless them and the stay and put hands out and I ask, “have you received your first communion?”  The answer was, I have gotten it before.  Ugh.

This isn’t a difficult process.

  1.   Get in line
  2.   Approach minister
  3.   When you are 2nd or 3rd in line, bow
  4.   This is where we things seem to get confused; if receiving in hand, preferred by most priests (You don’t want to know how many accidental tongue touchings there are.) have your hand out in front of you with your dominant had under your other hand.  If receiving on the tongue approach with hands folded or at your side, stop and stick tongue out.  Do not move in toward minister, just stop and put tongue out.
  5.   Immediately consume host
  6.   Go to cup minister if present and desired.  This should seem obvious, but don’t try and take the purificator from minister.

I don’t know where the issues came from.  People are taking the host from me.  Those that take the host and walk away carrying it.  People occasionally ask for one of the white things, not a cradle Catholic, I HOPE.

How to help your ministers of Communion relax:

Come up and clearly show how you would like to receive.  Don’t wait to the last minute to bow, or that minister is waiting also to figure out what your intentions are.  If receiving on tongue make sure hands are clearly folded.  Finally, let the minister feed you, place host on your hand or tongue.  Much simpler that way and consume it immediately.